COVID-19: NFC Business Cards

Incoming changes to business as usual.

COVID-19 is no doubt going to change the world forever as I’m sure most of us are aware, but, just how will these changes appear?

There will be some huge changes that will become the norm and there will be some so small we often won’t notice after a few weeks living them



Business cards won’t survive…

This is simply just an observation but I think the traditional business card, a businessman, or businesswomen’s number one accessory is not going to survive the changes in our society. The potential risk of virus/infection transmission is too high.

Ending a business meeting and sifting through the crowds at a networking event may change from a handshake or the exchange of a flappy detail-filled card to something a little more elegant.



I decided to invest some of my time this week into partnering with Tappy, an industry-leading NFC business card provider. I bought their Tappy Card recently and suggest that everyone do the same to get ahead of the game.

Using NFC business cards look as though they’re going to be the way forward. Literally one card to rule them all, I really need to stop indulging in so much LOTR during lockdown.

Similar to how you tap your bank card/apple pay on a card machine, this card uses similar technology and sends the recipient all of your contact information. Another great thing about this product emerging is how environmentally friendly it is, printing millions of business cards will become a thing of the past!

Visit Tappy Website


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